Saturday, September 25, 2004

2 weeks into classes and I'm already stressed out. Oddly enough, it's not even this year of courses that's stressing me out the most. I've got application on the BRAIN. Grad school is already killing me, and I haven't even applied yet. It's so damn stressful - I need a scholarship from NSERC to get into the Masters/PhD program that I want at McGill.

As if having to apply for grad school and take the Subject GRE test isn't enough, I also have to jump through a kagillion hoops for this damn scholarship. It's valued at 17,300$ mind you, so I do conceptually understand the hoop-jumping. But it's killing me. On a section of the application, they ask for an outline of my Masters research proposal. I haven't even applied to grad school yet and they want me to know what I'm going to be doing research on in a year's time? Come ON!!!

I still really haven't nailed down the details of my Bachelor's Thesis for chrissake, let alone my potential Master's project! Lesson of the day: bureaucracy = teh suck.

At least I have the appartment pretty much to myself this weekend, thankfully. I really enjoy the quietness and peacefulness when it's just me here, I can really envision myself living on my own next year. I think it would be wonderful - a little lonely at times, but I'll have friends and family so near by and that will make the difference.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner - whoo! I'm flying home for the long weekend, and I absolutely cannot wait. I already have party plans. Shocker, I know.

Listening to: Story of My Life - Kristian Leontiou. (Fantastic voice, very smooth and yummy)

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Dark Tower, the last in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, came out today.

It's sitting right beside me: an 800+ page massive book that I am going to thoroughly enjoy reading. I'm simultaneously excited and sad - since it really is the end of an era.

I had a DT moment at Chapters this evening: I was waiting in line to purchase the book, basically just trying to not fall down with this 8000 pound book in my hand. A man behind me casually glances into my hand to see what I'm buying, not an uncommon occurence - I do it all the time. He suddenly bursts out laughing and shows me what he's about to buy - The Dark Tower. We both smiled and laughed, giving eachother the DT-junky head nod. It was a perfectly apt moment, each of us both immediately understanding the meaning behind what was taking place.

I'm about to hop in bed (yes, at 9:50 pm) and put a major dent in this sucker. I don't want to devour it too fast though, because this is the last time I will be reading about my Roland. I shall miss him. I'm putting my Principles of Learning and Behaviour textbook aside, placing my women's studies articles back in their folder for the night, and am ready to do this one last time.

It's moments like these where I can really appreciate the value of a much beloved book: I have so much to stress over right now. Applications to grad school, scholarships, my thesis, and then regular course work - which is suffocating in itself. All I have to do is light some candles, crawl under the covers, and open this book and everything else is at once forgotten.

Here we go, folks!

Listening to: The Voice Inside - Amanda Marshall

Thursday, September 02, 2004

So Elisa and I had all planned out our little trip to La Ronde for today - the local 6 Flags amusement park in Montreal. I was super excited for all the rides, it really doesn't feel like a complete summer to me without having visited La Ronde. I'm quite the coaster addict, so it would simultaneously curb my adrenaline addiction as well as nicely top off my summer.

We got up early, drove all the way out there, only to be told by a maintenance man that the park was closed during the week. Bollocks. We were both shocked into silent disappointment, especially at the fact that it was perfect weather and would have made for a great day at La Ronde.

Fortunately, Elisa had a stroke of brilliance and suggested we hang around the Old Port instead, have lunch, and look around for something else to do. We stumbled upon the white water jet-boating that takes you on the Lachine rapids (largest rapids in North American per volume of water). This is essentially what we did: WHOO click herefor the website.

I was really shocked at the amount of water that came down on us on the ride... I was expecting to get wet and stuff, but I was completely soaked! Entire and thoroughly soaked - and wet jeans = not so much fun. But the ride itself was thrilling, despite the fact that I swallowed far too much St-Lawrence river water for my taste. I kept burping afterwards, heh.

I still need to get some more Montreal-fun before I am yet again banished to the hell that is Waterloo. Shudder.