Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hangover City

Population: Me (and Jamie, and Elisa, and pretty much everyone that I was out with last night)

Last night (and this morning) was good times: what the Hudson locals call a Chat Night. I visited my friends in Hudson, a community just off the island of Montreal. It's got that Waterloo-small-town feeling to it, where everyone knows eachother. We went to the town bar/dance club called the Chat (short for Chateau, pronounced 'shat') with a bunch of people. Here is a short play by play of the more amusing events of the evening:
  • 9:07 pm: Driving to Hudson, in the pitch black darkness with the wind pushing my car all over the road.

  • 9:27 pm: Getting lost in Hudson, because it's so goddamn dark and I can't see the street signs. I end up taking every left turn (7, in total) before I serendipitously find Elisa's street.

  • 10:00 pm: The drinking begins, starting with somewhat sketchy Mango Daquirita's.

  • 11:00 pm: More people arrive, and the dirty Greek Lovers cards are whipped out. Card games begin.

  • 11:30 pm: More drinking.

  • 12:30 am: We finally leave for the Chat, piling into the back of Jon's Jeep (who wasn't drinking, of course).

  • 12:45 am: We arrive, and more drinking ensues.

  • 1:00 am: I get introduced to about a thousand people, hugged, kissed, and groped by a fair amount of them. I couldn't remember their names 30 seconds later.

  • 1:30 am: Shots are ordered. More drinks are ingested. More introductions are made (to some of the same people, who I forgot I had met in the first place).

  • 1:45 am: Elisa's brother James hugs me, exclaiming: "Jo, you're the shit!".

  • 2:00 am: Sexual Healing comes on, and some rather scandalous dancing occurs.

  • 2:15 am: More drinks are ordered.

  • 2:33 am: James hugs me again, also reexclaiming: "Jo, you're the shit!".

  • 2:48 am: Group hugging begins, with everyone telling everyone else how much we all love eachother.

  • 3:00 am: It's closing time, more group hugging ensues.

  • 3:45 am: For some reason, we stuck around on the terrace hugging and talking and telling eachother how much we love everyone. Again.

  • 3:50 am: Jon drives us back to Elisa's place, and after he leaves someone gets the bright idea that they want La Belle Province (Quebecois restaurant, serving hot dogs, fries, and the best poutines in Quebec).
  • 4:00 am: We drive all the way out to Sources, about a 25 minute drive, to get La Belle. It's getting light outside.

  • 4:30 am: We arrive, with Elisa passed out in the back of Katina's car. The rest of us chow down - god that poutine was good, though not the brightest idea I've ever had.

  • 5:00 am: We drive home, and I join Elisa in passed-out-land.

  • 5:30 am: We arrive, it's fully light outside, and Elisa and I crash into bed.
  • 11:30 am: I awake and drive myself home, still somewhat drunk yet simultaneously hungover. Also not the best idea I've ever had.
All in all, it was a night filled with hugs, love, and poutine. It's fully worth this hangover.

Listening to: Mr. Brightside - The Killers

Monday, June 06, 2005

Decent Days and Nights

Ahh, summer in Montreal.

It's hot, it's humid, it's sticky. But I love it. I've been reading outside, golfing, strolling the streets downtown, seeing movies, eating at restaurants, shopping, and all those other equally delicious summer activities that Montreal has to offer.

We are fortunate to have the Just For Laughs Festival, as well as the Jazz Festival grace us in the city every summer. Thousands of people from all over the world come here for these occasions. The streets are filled, the city is buzzing - it's difficult to describe to people who haven't experienced it. This weekend is the Grand Prix, so some streets are closed off with Formula 1 racing cars on display. I've spotted a few dozen license plates from all over the States and Canada - it's going to be a zoo downtown this weekend.

I've just landed myself an apartment downtown for the new school year. I can't live with my parents anymore, and living on the west island while going to school downtown would kill me. I've just signed the lease on a gorgeous 3 1/2, just 2 blocks from McGill. It's got great wooden floors, high ceilings, new kitchen with a gas stove, cute bathroom, and new windows. It's also an older building, so the walls are quite thick between units - i.e, no more Stompy McStomp to contend with, wheeee!

Aside from this good news, I'm also unfortunately shit ass broke. Greece tapped me out. This is also going to be one of my last summers of youthful freedom(ish), so I've decided on just getting some wee part-time job for spending money and a trip at the end of August.

Also unfortunately, I can't seem to get anything - mainly from an intense aversion to lowering my standards to the McDonalds level. I'm also toying with the idea of taking a bartending course so I can bartend a wee bit. I've wanted to do this for a while, and I figure this is the best time to make a go at it.

I really don't seem to have the time and/or energy to do much blogging, so I'm afraid updates shan't be too regular for a while. I'm sure you're all just dying inside, but you'll live.

Just remember that you can visit any time, if you're in desperate need of your Jo-fix. I won't hold it against you, I promise.

Listening to: Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel