Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Dark Tower, the last in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, came out today.

It's sitting right beside me: an 800+ page massive book that I am going to thoroughly enjoy reading. I'm simultaneously excited and sad - since it really is the end of an era.

I had a DT moment at Chapters this evening: I was waiting in line to purchase the book, basically just trying to not fall down with this 8000 pound book in my hand. A man behind me casually glances into my hand to see what I'm buying, not an uncommon occurence - I do it all the time. He suddenly bursts out laughing and shows me what he's about to buy - The Dark Tower. We both smiled and laughed, giving eachother the DT-junky head nod. It was a perfectly apt moment, each of us both immediately understanding the meaning behind what was taking place.

I'm about to hop in bed (yes, at 9:50 pm) and put a major dent in this sucker. I don't want to devour it too fast though, because this is the last time I will be reading about my Roland. I shall miss him. I'm putting my Principles of Learning and Behaviour textbook aside, placing my women's studies articles back in their folder for the night, and am ready to do this one last time.

It's moments like these where I can really appreciate the value of a much beloved book: I have so much to stress over right now. Applications to grad school, scholarships, my thesis, and then regular course work - which is suffocating in itself. All I have to do is light some candles, crawl under the covers, and open this book and everything else is at once forgotten.

Here we go, folks!

Listening to: The Voice Inside - Amanda Marshall


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