Thursday, September 02, 2004

So Elisa and I had all planned out our little trip to La Ronde for today - the local 6 Flags amusement park in Montreal. I was super excited for all the rides, it really doesn't feel like a complete summer to me without having visited La Ronde. I'm quite the coaster addict, so it would simultaneously curb my adrenaline addiction as well as nicely top off my summer.

We got up early, drove all the way out there, only to be told by a maintenance man that the park was closed during the week. Bollocks. We were both shocked into silent disappointment, especially at the fact that it was perfect weather and would have made for a great day at La Ronde.

Fortunately, Elisa had a stroke of brilliance and suggested we hang around the Old Port instead, have lunch, and look around for something else to do. We stumbled upon the white water jet-boating that takes you on the Lachine rapids (largest rapids in North American per volume of water). This is essentially what we did: WHOO click herefor the website.

I was really shocked at the amount of water that came down on us on the ride... I was expecting to get wet and stuff, but I was completely soaked! Entire and thoroughly soaked - and wet jeans = not so much fun. But the ride itself was thrilling, despite the fact that I swallowed far too much St-Lawrence river water for my taste. I kept burping afterwards, heh.

I still need to get some more Montreal-fun before I am yet again banished to the hell that is Waterloo. Shudder.


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