Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ventura Highway

So with the novelty of facebook wearing off (after the utter weirdness of coming back into contact with people I haven't seen/heard from in 12+ years), summer is quickly approaching.

I'm also almost done with deadlines for this past scholastic year. Earlier this week I attended the Essence of Memory conference, partially organized by my supervisor. It brought together many important memory researchers from all over the world. I got the chance to present my research in a poster session, and met quite a few interesting people.

The man who co-discovered long-term potentiation (the presumed biological substrate for memory), Timothy Bliss, actually sat at our table during the banquet dinner. It was a pretty surreal experience - the nerdier Neuroscience equivalent of meeting John Lennon or James Dean.

Next week I'm off to Toronto for the Canadian Association for Neuroscience conference. I'll be there for a week, going to more talks and also presenting my research again. I'll be meeting up with some friends from my undergrad while I'm there, so at least I'll have a little fun!

I also just finished writing my research paper that will transfer me to my PhD - I just have to make corrections and finally hand it in. Then it'll be official.

Busy busy busy. Another year gone. Another year closer to death. heh. Morbid much? At least it's sunny and warm, so it's hard to be too maudlin these days.

And after the Toronto conference, I'm off to Cuba for a week - for beach, books, booze, and sleep. I can barely wait to get away! I hope all of you are doing well :)

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