Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bacon, Eggs, Porn

Got to love random drunken shopping lists people leave on my blackboard following a widly successful Christmas party, which ended up lasting till the wee hours of this morning.

All the fun, laughs, booze, food, insults, poker, and Cranium were well worth the excessive 2 hour hung-over clean up job I had to do this afternoon. However, I do wish I had known what a mess 15 people in various states of intoxication would manage to make in a one bedroom apartment, oi vey!

Despite the scathing looks I received from fellow tenants in the elevator as I brought down a couple of bags filled with empty booze bottles, the party was a complete blast and a terrific way to kick off the holiday season. I'm off to my parents' house tomorrow for the week, time to relax and take it easy with the family.

If I don't get around to blogging before Christmas, I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday :)

XMasParty06 015

Saturday, December 02, 2006

My Gorgeous Sexy Brain

Yep, that's MY BRAIN.

I finally got the pictures back from my fMRI scan - this obviously being the anatomical MRI, not the functional scan itself.

I took this picture as a screenshot from the program that I was given to view my brain. You can pull the crossbar (which you can vaguely see in purple here) to move through different sections and views of the brain.

I have to admit that I am thoroughly in love with my brain. It's so pretty. Look at all the sexy structures! Can you name some of them that you see here? I can!

Corpus callosum


Brain stem


Pituitary gland


Oh we loves it!

Side note: I just realized that I've been blogging here for just over 3 years. Holy crap, that's a lot of blogging. It's pretty funny to look back through the archives and skim through the last 3 years of my life - I didn't really appreciate how much has happened and how much has changed.