Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Kitten

So my cat Ashes has been at my apartment for the weekend.

My parents dropped her off on Thursday as they were supposed to leave on vacation to Alabama on Friday. We decided that instead of having someone come in to feed the cat, that she would spend the week at my place - so she wouldn't be too lonely and be with someone familiar.

But because of a big snow storm on Friday they had to cancel their trip, and they've since rescheduled to take a one week all inclusive to the Dominican Republic (again, bastards). They are now leaving on Wednesday, and thus sticking me with the cat for another week and a half.

Let me just say that it's so far been an effing hassle. Ashes was monumentally upset when she got here, having freaked out on the car ride over. She kept me up the whole night, meowing and running around and jumping on my bed and dresser and shaking my mirror and poking me. At 4:45 am I had to lock my bedroom door and wear earplugs so as to not be kept awake any longer by her insistent meowing.

She's since mellowed a bit, having come out from under my bed (being covered in a fair amount of dust bunnies) and began eating. When my cat doesn't eat, you know there is something seriously wrong.

She now sleeps through the night on the foot of my bed, but wakes me up at 5:45 am wanting to play. During the day, she likes to stay in my room - she'll sit in front of the mirror (vain thing) and meow constantly until I come see her. Freaking demanding little thing!

At least she's insanely adorable, and it's nice to have her around at the end of the day. I am powerless in face of her gravitational cuteness - oh, and I apologize for the baby voice... it's not my fault!

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At 2:15 PM , Blogger John said...

Crazy cat! You know you'll miss her when she leaves though. Must be nice having a guest for a while. I'll have to try and get something in my place, perhaps a goldfish (start small as I live in one room)!


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