Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dreaded Presentations

Last Thursday it was my turn to present my research to the group of PI's and their students at the Montreal Neurological Institute, where I work.

I had to give my first presentation last year, and if you remember, I was quite absolutely and completely terrified to do it. This year was a complete 180 degree change.

Recently, I've been feeling exponentially more confident in myself with regards to my research. Having had no background in biochem/molecular research going into the lab made for a very difficult, stressful, and self-esteem breaking experience. It took a really long time to learn the ropes and be able to confidently speak to others about what I'm doing. Last year I didn't sleep well for 2 months leading up to my MNI presentation and had frequent panic attacks.

This year I rocked it. I wasn't too nervous, had a lot more data to present, knew what I was talking about, and was able to answer the questions thrown my way.

Friday I have to give the same talk to the Psychology department as a requirement to fast-track through my Masters and right into my PhD without losing a year or having to do a candidacy exam.

I'm so glad and relieved that I finally feel comfortable and confident again. Who knows what it will be like next year, I might morph into one of those scary pretentious virulent grad students that the undergraduate community so fiercely fears. A girl can hope!


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