Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Canned Heat in my Heels

I had a great birthday weekend: presents were received, dancing was done, champagne was consumed, and fun in general was had.

Clubbing on Friday night was a rather interesting experience. I had somewhat forgotten what the club scene was like, as I hadn't been out dancing in a while. It was a little.... raunchier than when I went last (and it's not like the last time I went was 15 years ago, I'm talking like a year or so).

I like going clubbing every now and then because I go for the dancing and music: I like to be able to let loose on the dance floor and have fun with my friends. I don't go to scam for guys and one night stands, that's so not my thing - and might I add ewww!

A lot of the girls are barely dressed, and what they're wearing hardly covers their nipples and hooha-area. Not to mention the fact that there was at least 3 girls who got up on various podiums and started stripping and flashing for guys with cameras. It's absolutely disgusting.

A lot of the guys are creepy and greasy: I had my ass slapped by some jerk as I was walking off the dance floor. I got so annoyed that I turned around and smacked him right back with a swift backhand to the shoulder (the only body part that I could reach as I made for a quick get-a-way).

The dancefloor gets really packed and people just end up pushing you all over the place. It gets all hot and sweaty and just generally gross.

So while it's fun to get out and dance it up, sometimes the club scene can be just icky.

Then again, last night I went to a Retro music night at a near by bar/club. It's a smaller venue and more of a bar than a club - the music was great, from Billie Jean to Sweet Home Alabama to even Ghostbusters. The guys were much less creepy and the girls decidedly less skanky. Plus, it was 7$ pitcher night.

It generally depends where you go, what you're expecting from the night, and how much you've had to drink. There's one universal constant, however: wearing high heels for a night out dancing always leads to a very slow, unbalanced, and painful walk home.

Ahh, the price I will pay for cute shoes!


At 3:56 PM , Anonymous Mandy said...

Gosh, I haven't been clubbing for about 7 years. I'd hate to see what it's like nowadays, it was bad enough back then!

I used to love it though, dancing and having fun all evening, and arriving home at stupid-0-clock in the morning.

I don't think I'd have the energy to do that now :)


At 5:48 PM , Blogger Chorna said...

To be honest I know what you mean, Joanna. I went to university aged 23, and was hardly in the clubbing mood. When I did go, I found myself feeling unsettled, even depressed because of the lack of any real intelligence behind the conversations (the ones you barely made out over the music). I know people don't go there to chat, but we're human beings - how else do we communicate?

And it does depend on the scene as well as your own mood - when I went clubbing with my friend for Halloween, I was dressed up pretty raunchily myself, but then that was my intenetion - to have a little ambiguous fun.

Ah, women.... we're doomed to find something wrong with the world from the very beginning ;)

At 7:49 PM , Blogger Joanna said...

Mandy - you're right, it does take a lot of energy to enjoy yourself sometimes!

Hi Chorna! It totally depends on your intentions for the night, if you're just going to have fun than you can get over the other stuff. And I'm not sure what you mean about finding something wrong with the world!

At 1:30 AM , Blogger Cassy said...

Ok, hate me if you will, but all that you described as being icky and gross on the clubbing scene is exactly what draws me in. Now Jo, you saw first hand my overly indulgent days of clubbing and partying and I can tell you there are virtually no clubbing experiences I regret. Maybe I was just lucky in that every time I went my mood was good and I was pleasantly relaxed from the evening's drink of choice, but for myself and so many other club-goers gettin' down 'n dirty is the perfect escape from our every day personas; we can be strong, independent, university women by day, but transform into skanked-up, man-grabbing, hoochie-mamas by night. Now I know some of you may say this is degrading behaviour, or that it indicates some sort of insecurity, but a lot of us view it as exactly the opposite - it's empowering. We use boys as toys (isn't that what they were intended for in the first place :P) and play around with them just to see if we can get what we want. And no, I don't mean sex. At least not for me. What we want is to be reminded exactly how much power we hold - that we have the abililty to make members of the opposite sex fall helplessly under our spell. To be quite honest, it's loads of fun!
While it's sad to say, if you enter a club nowadays it's pretty much expected that you're going to get slapped/pinched/whistled at/ or something of that nature at least once during the course of the night. I'm not saying this is acceptable by any means. It's not. And I applaud you for stepping up and slapping the guy back, Joanna! I too have done so on occasion. It is also fun.
I guess my point is that you have to take the whole clubbing experience with a grain of salt. There's no reason to get upset about stuff that goes on (there are obviously exceptions) - people are just out having a good time. While it's not everyone's cup of tea, I think it does some good to go out and hit up the dance floor once in a while. Let loose, and relish in the fact that some guy knows you're hot stuff and liked your ass enough to pinch it. Plus, you'll almost always end up with a good story to share with your friends the next day. As long as you have a bit of fun doing it, it can't be all that bad, right?
Oh, and by the way Jo...when I'm in Montreal in August, you and I are defintely going clubbing one night! :P

At 1:33 AM , Blogger Cassy said...

p.s...thanks for putting me on your blog rolling thingy!! how do I add the blog rolling to my page?

At 3:30 PM , Blogger Joanna said...

thanks for the great comment, Cass. And I agree with you about a lot of things - however, I firmly disagree that a girl stripping on a raised platform and flashing her tits to guys with cameras is in any way empowering. It reflects a girl who is starved for attention and lacks a great deal of self-respect, for she's willing to degrade herself for attention that consists of whistles and yells of "take it off, bitch!"

Clubbing can be fun to let loose, and it can be exciting to step up your sexuality a bit and flirt without any intention of following through - that can be empowering. But I'm sorry to say that stripping for attention in clubs does not classify as being strong and independent, it's just sad and frustrating to see degrading societal standards perpetuated by women themselves.

We've come a long way, true, but for every step forward there's always been, and always will be, steps taken back - and worst of all, steps willingly taken back by no one else but ourselves.

At 3:48 PM , Blogger Joanna said...

oh about the blogrolling - I added it into my template with html. I think there's also a website that will do blogrolling automatically, but I'm not sure.

At 3:27 PM , Blogger John said...

I love going out with my friends, but am not a huge fan of clubbing. It depends on who I'm with, the club and how much I've drank.

More times that not this year we've gone to a late bar nearby. The music is good, not too loud, the other people aren't the usual town scumbags, drinks are a little more expensive and it's easier to walk home.

We still have fantastic stories about leaving and going to one of our houses for more drinks, or the 24 hour bakery for food.

I agree with you though, girls wear less and less clothes and men (on the whole) become bigger arseholes than usual.

Let's hope your feet have recovered (and your head) from the cute shoes!

At 7:53 AM , Blogger Chorna said...

Update: I got completely sloshed last night and I have to admit, the intention was there.

I was throgouhly aware of being loud and obnoxious, but I was having fun, and everyone I looked at, I grinned at stupidly, feeling genuinely happy.

It seems the world becomes a nicer place when you're a little giddy yourself - only in appearances though. At the same time, I did have very dizzy dreams when I eventually passed out. ;)

I think it totally depends on the company you're with, as well. I had good friends around me, so it was funny having a laugh at crude jokes about anything and everything.


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