Friday, May 05, 2006

Two Classy Broads

I have two fairly impressive and pretty painful bruises on both of my knees.

How, you ask? Before your minds set up camp in the gutter, let me just say that I am about to share a personally shameful event. Brace yourselves.

So the Habs (the Montreal Canadiens hockey team, for those non-Canadian readers out there) played Game 6 on Tuesday night. My best friend came over to watch, and we were both getting excited as the game was a lot closer than we had anticipated - a loss would mean the Habs are out of the playoffs.

It comes down to over-time. I, mistakenly, say to my friend "I really hope they don't score in the first two minutes of over-time again, that sucked". All you Habs fans can now blame me for the result. It's exactly what happened - the opposing team scored the series ender 2 minutes into the over-time.

We were devastated, way too much energy had been put into this game. So what do we decide to do? Well, drink of course!

Big EPIC apocalyptic mistake.

Not only do we drink, but we drink about a litre of straight vodka shots. It was so unintentional - we didn't mean to get drunk, and definitely not that drunk.

All this vodka resulted in:
Big girly emotional exchanges
Lying on the floor of my kitchen
Exclamations of love - "You know you're my hetero lifemate and I love you, right?" "I LOVE YOU TOO!!!"
Drunken phone calls to my boyfriend
More drunken phone calls to my boyfriend
More vomiting
Even more vomiting - toilet, sink, bathtub
Crying drunken phone calls to my boyfriend who can hear my best friend vomiting in the background
Drunken phone calls to best friend's parents

Best friend dropping my phone IN THE TOILET
More vomiting
Sleeping on the bathroom floor
Bucket puking

The consequences of this purely classy incident are everlasting shame, bruised knees, and a killer hangover.

Good times.


At 9:18 PM , Anonymous Mike Da Bro said...

ooooooh my.

i've been there....barfsicles. ever needed to puke so bad you ralphed into hotel room ice cubes trays?

the flames, the habs...i'm just not going to watch hockey anymore.

apparently thr calgary baseball team should be good...

At 7:49 AM , Blogger Chorna said...

Dude, Aidan could tell you a story or two about alcohol and puking. My personal puking stories involve not myself, but someone puking on a baby - at a wedding.

At 8:42 AM , Blogger John said...

That is gutting, but so typical. The amount of times I've have a quick drink turn all nighter is alarming. Middlesborough FC have come from 3-0 down in the quarter and semi finals of the UEFA cup to win 4-3 ; the same guy scoring the winner in both games. The play the final on Thurs I think, so good luck to them. Sorry about the Habs getting knocked out!

Hope your head isn't too sore, your stomach able to recover and that your knees heal nicely!

At 8:51 PM , Blogger Joanna said...

barfsicles and puking on babies at weddings?!?!?! I suddenly feel a lot less like an alcoholic, thanks guys ;)

and John - the knees have healed nicely, I am no longer marked with shame!

At 4:41 PM , Blogger Joey said...

Damn, I had exactly the same experience back in February. Circumstances were a little different - mate's birthday party - but the litre of vodka, the puking and crying and telling my best friend I loved him... and of course the everlasting shame and the thought that the world was coming to an end.

Good times indeed!


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