Thursday, May 18, 2006

Travelling Hippies

Oh how I love the Hippies!

Well, two specific hippies: the two shaggy bearded contestants who won The Amazing Race last night. They had me cracking up the entire season, their enthusiasm for travel was really inspiring as they were just soaking up every minute of the race.

When I travel I generally try to be similar: open-eyed and gleeful, trying to take everything in and let it transform me. To people who don't share it, the appeal of travelling is pretty difficult to describe - and I just can't for the life of understand why someone wouldn't share it! It's totally beyond my powers of comprehension. Travelling is something so unique and fascinating to me that I'm not able to understand how everyone doesn't feel the same way.

Some of the best quotes from last night's show are as follows:

"If there's any country besides North America I understand more, it's Japan." -- Tyler, whose knowledge of Japanese beats his knowledge of countries versus continents.

"We can't understand what anybody's sayin'." -- Ray is stunned to learn that Japanese is spoken in Japan.

"How did those chicks know who Hachiko was?" -- Eric fails to grasp that Hachiko is the statue of the dog near the guy holding the clue, not the guy himself.

"Touch it." -- Tyler invites giggling Japanese girls to stroke his beard. They happily oblige.

"I'll tell Michael you said hey." -- Yolanda to a group of Japanese businessmen who said she looks like Janet Jackson.

"I hope I don't wake up and it's 1972 or something." -- Jeremy decides a capsule hotel must contain time capsules.

"Those hippies and their damn language-knowing." -- Eric has a Homer Simpson-esque attack of jealousy over Tyler's knowledge of Japanese.

Even though I didn't like the frat boys, they were frequently amusing!

Speaking of travelling, my brother is flying in from Calgary tomorrow night for a surprise visit. We're going to ambush surprise my mom at breakfast on Saturday, I've just called and set it up to make sure she's available. I love freaking my mom out, it should be good times!

Ahhhh.... FREAK OUT!


At 6:55 PM , Blogger christine said...

i never watched the show, but those comments make me wish i had.

At 12:48 PM , Blogger Mike said...

mwahahaha! If your mom has a heart attack, I had NOTHING to do with it!


At 4:32 PM , Blogger Chorna said...

Awe surprising your mother like that is awesome. :) I prefer seeing my family that way: I get the REAL them, as it were, rather than this prepped, primped and "host" style service from my family.


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