Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I'm in love with the following:
  • Montreal at night

  • The fact that my presentation is going to be over on Thursday and I can stop making myself sick worrying about it. Plus I'm going to be getting completely trolleyed schmammered piss-faced afterwards to celebrate.
  • My iPOD nano (maybe obsessed borderline addicted is more accurate)
  • Crying Won't Help You Now by Ben Harper
"You sit there and call me a liar and a cheat
I just wish you'd pin a rose on me
Now you won't even come out and take a bow
Crying won't help you now"
  • Michael Ryder and The Montreal Canadiens (go Habs go!) owning the Carolina Hurricanes last night in double over-time.
  • Coffee.
Listening to: Morning Yearning - Ben Harper


At 12:23 PM , Blogger AndyPandy said...

Oh, I'm determined to make that list! Good luck with your presentation on Thursday, Jo. Mwah!

At 6:18 AM , Blogger John said...

How did your presentation go then? Or are you still in a state whereby movement hurts and thinking causes you to cry?
I got an iPod video in November, and it has hardly left my side since, they are good.
Also Ben Harper is good, not got anything by him but a friend of mine plays a lot of his music.
Don't drink coffee though - hot chocolate is my substitute.

Hope all is well :-)

At 12:39 PM , Blogger Joanna said...

Thanks for the good wishes, boys :)

It went well - I spoke pretty well, didn't cry, and the questions weren't too bad. It's now over, I'm super relieved, I got pretty hammered, and everything's almost done now!

I'm terribly addicted to coffee, and I love every second :)


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