Thursday, April 13, 2006

No More Stats

Yep, that's right people - NO MORE STATS EVER.

I really can't explain the joy that results from being able to say that. I'm sure some of you can relate because no one likes stats, yes it sucks, etc. But I have just finished 8 straight semesters of statistics. Do you know what that's like? Can you now try to understand my complete and utter hatred of this damned subject that's constantly forced down my throat through the misforunate of it being required in Psychology programs?

Well now I never ever have to take another stats class again. My last stats final was yesterday afternoon. Aside from the second part being more of an exercise in creative bullshit writing, it was alright and I'm just glad it's OVER. Plus, a bunch of us went out for drinks afterwards and I got drunk off free beer! woot!

I know I post repeatedly about how stressed and anxious I am. It's part of who I am, and for the most part, my stress and anxiety has helped motivate me to be where I am today.

I read a passage in Grimus, the Salman Rushdie book I'm reading right now (see sidebar), that beautifully articulates an important question that really struck home.

"Your namesake Chanakya, whispered Kamala Sutra to Virgil Jones, could place his right hand upon a brazier of coals and his left hand upon the cool breast of a young girl, feeling neither the pain of the fire nor the pleasure of her skin.

Ask yourself if it is your luck or your misfortune that you could feel both.

Rushdie has such a way of crafting beautiful passages that tap such poignant issues. So I asked myself, would I rather feel as much as I do - even when it sometimes feels like it's too much - or would I rather not be able to feel anything?

It's a no brainer, really. Bring on the hot coals.


At 11:20 AM , Blogger AndyPandy said...

I hope being Stat-free helps with your stress, Jo. And that's a pretty good passage from Rushdie, heh. Have a good Easter weekend! mwah!


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