Friday, June 23, 2006

A Day for Champagne

23 on the 23rd - my champagne birthday.

Today I've already been afforded a few little surprising moments:

Jon (my boyfriend) is coincidently leaving for Europe today for a month. He has a physics conference in Budapest, and a 2 week summer course in cosmology in Trieste, Italy. Fully paid, may I add - lucky bastard. It kinda sucks that he's leaving on my birthday. I also am leaving before he gets back, so we won't be seeing each other for about 6 weeks.

I'm surprised because I realized I'm going to miss him and I'm actually a bit sad. heh. This is surprising to me because we haven't been seeing each other for that long, and we don't have what I'd call a "deep connection".

I'm surprised because he actually bought me a birthday present. And a good birthday present: stuff from Lush. This is surprising because it's sweet, means he actually listened when I went on and on about the damn place, and he really hates the smell of the store - so him actually going and asking the sales girls what to get me is a pretty big deal.

I'm surprised because I've received a few emails from some people I totally didn't expect to remember/care about my birthday. It's nice.

I'm surprised because MC is actually letting me drag her out clubbing tonight, whoo!

It's nice to be surprised sometimes, especially when it's good surprises. Turns out I have nothing to complain about today: my boyfriend and I like each other more than I thought we did, expected and unexpected people care about me, I have things to look forward to, and it's not disgustingly humid outside!

Who knows, maybe I'll even grace you all with a drunken blog post at some point this weekend :D

Listening to: Good Day - Jewel


At 2:58 PM , Blogger Cassy said...


At 5:10 PM , Blogger Joanna said...

thanks, kiddo! mwah :D

At 7:56 AM , Blogger Chorna said...

Happy Birthday, Jo :) I find the older you get the more your birthdays mean something.

And boyfriends tend to be deeper than you think. I'm often surprised when mine says or does something nice - the thing is, I'm often too distanced or selfish to notice.

It takes some getting used to. ;)

I'm still not used to it!

At 8:23 PM , Blogger Ian Edwards said...

Hey Joanna!

Hope you had a great Birthday! All the best people were born on the 23rd of June :-D

At 3:20 PM , Blogger John said...

Hey Jo, sorry I missed the birthday posts been away on holiday.

Happy 23rd Birthday!

Hope you had a great night out and a great birthday.


At 3:43 PM , Blogger Joanna said...

thanks everyone, I had a great birthday overall :D


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