Friday, October 22, 2004

You'd think that with the amount of garlic I eat that it would be practically impossible for me to get a cold. But alas, my dearest friend garlic has failed me: I have a damn cold! Boo-frickity-urns. My throat is killing me, I had post-nasal drip, headache, and body aches. I must part-take in another savior this evening - movies and NyQuill.

Apart from the cold, I am actually thoroughly enjoying my Feminist Theory course. It's interesting to take a course where you not only study theory, but you study the praxis of those theory. We discuss a lot, and I find it really fascinating how deeply I've been prompted to question myself, my beliefs, and my society. A particular author, named bell hooks, even made me realize that my location on the more liberal end of feminism can problematize racial equality: since I am white, and benefit unconsciously from white profiled, I tend to focus my attention and praxis more so on social equality. I was quite surprised at the level of guilt I felt after reading the article, it really opened my eyes.

I am in desperate need of brainless activity: off to watch Van Helsing! WHOO :D


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