Monday, July 05, 2004

Well, last night is officially worth blogging:

see the article in the Montreal Gazette, here.

Hoards of greek individuals stormed the streets of downtown Montreal, driving around with multiple greek flags sticking out windows and repeatedly honking their horns. We had dinner outside on a terrace and there was hardly a 5 minute quite span in between bursts of honking. Crazy soccer loving people.

We went to see some free shows at the Montreal International Jazz Festival. We saw an amazing 13 year old kid from Ontario named Jimmy Bowskill. I've never heard a voice like that coming out of such an unexpected package. He was an amazing guitarist to boot, very fun music. Following that was the huge 150,000 person free concert. It was the Funk Brothers headlining, with all the great motown songs. My Girl, Grapevine, Let's Get It On... all that fun stuff. I've never seen so many people crammed into 3 city blocks like that, it was insane. Humid, sweaty, and insane. Not to mention full of drunken dancing people. Good times.

Ireland approaches: 3 weeks and counting. WOOHOO!


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