Friday, July 16, 2004

Two big things coming up soon:

1.) I write my GREs (Graduate Requisite Exam to get into grad school) on the 24th. I'm incredibly nervous. There's a lot depending on these scores, and I'm having trouble with some of the practice questions. The math is simple, but hard - and no calculator. Those things together = bad times for Jo. It's all the fucking way in Cambridge, which means about 100$ in cab fare to get there. Like that makes anything easier on me. I'm going to spend this weekend (which was supposed to be spent with my cousin, Tracy) hibernating and studying for this damn thing. Am going out to Waterloo's best and cheapest dive on Saturday night, which is at least good. AHHHHH I'm starting to panic. Stupid future. Too much pressure.

2.) I leave for Ireland on the 28th. At least that's something to look immensely forward to. I'm so bloody excited. I have some euros already, they're perty :D So we're staying in Dublin for 2 nights, then off to Galway for 3 nights. Going to take a day trip to Connemara from Galway. Following that, we're off to Kilkenny for a night. Then back to Dublin for our last night, and we fly home the next morning. Going to be a fantastic time - meet people, see places, drink AUTHENTIC Guinness, and party my general ass off.

I bought a digital camera especially for the trip. It conveniently takes video and audio... heh.... Irish accents here I come!!!!!!

Listening to: Out of Range - Ani DiFranco


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