Wednesday, October 13, 2004

So begins the official HELL WEEK of October. There are many more to come in November and into finals-month. Oh joy.

At least I had a terrific Thanksgiving weekend. These are the lessons I learned:
  • Forgetting that your swiss-army knife is attached to your key chain = bad times when going through Airport security. But at least the female guards kept commenting on how pretty my boots were.

  • Sleeping in an environment that is so quiet as to make my ears ring at first = absolutely divine. Fucking loud Waterloo people.

  • Getting passed off as a Med-1 student at a VIP party at a club downtown, having Pre-meds offering to buy me drinks, and finding a 20 dollar bill on the dancefloor = good times

  • Deciding that we wanted to have General Tao and Spicy Peanut Dumplings at 3 am following this outing = not such a great idea.
  • Discovering your best friend falls into the "I'm not a Feminist, but..." trap and that she is the biggest cover-hog ever = interesting and simultaneously frustrating.

  • Spending time with family, having delicious meals, and participating in riveting political conversations at the dinner table = something I will never take forgranted.

  • Home is the most comfortable place on earth = blatantly obvious.
So concludes my Thanksgiving Weekend Lesson plan. Moral of this story = umm.. I dunno... don't stick your fingers in electrical outlets?

Listening to: Tear Me in Two - Stroke 9


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