Sunday, October 17, 2004

NSERC application done. Now there's the Subject GRE and Grad School application and then it's OVER - all out of my hands. I can't wait for that.

So, we were on our way out from dinner to head on over to the pool hall, and Cassandra wanted to make a stop in the Music Building on campus to pick up something. We willingly tagged along, and were ushered into the rehearsal room to wait for Cass. Two pianos, a big fucking gong, drums, and symbols suddenly turned 4 University-going women into wee little elementary school girls. We were running around giggling, playing all the instruments (having way too much fun with the gong).

On our way out, we heard actual good music - someone was ripping it out on a drumset. Cassandra led us in and introduced us to a pretty damn cute drummer boy. We then proceeded to ask him to play us something. I have never seen someone with so much rhythm, it was rockin. Consequently, this guy went from "pretty cute" to "smokin hot". What can I say, I'm apparently born to be a groupie!

Pool was equally fun - I got hit in the thigh by a flying cue ball. That's always a pleasant experience. I will miss some things about Waterloo when I leave, but nothing that involves the town itself - just a few certain people that can make this hell hole bearable at certain points.

Listening to: Ice - Sarah McLachlan... hoping Jamie had a good time at her concert tonight :D


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