Friday, August 27, 2004

Back in Montreal for 3 weeks. WHOO. No more of the simple annoyances of living with a bunch of girls, for a while. Any time away from that is good. One of the only factors that are keeping me from completely losing it is the fact that I only have one more year left - in May 2005, it's GOODBYE WATERLOO. Forever. I assume I'll go down to visit occasionally, but visiting is entirely different from being stuck there.

Two of my friends are now living downtown. I saw MC's place yesterday, it's fantastic! So central and close to everything, and quite the nice apartment itself. It really makes me anxious to come back to Montreal next year. I so want to live a Sex and the City kind of life: working, going out to chic clubs and restaurants, sipping Cosmos. I think this new obsession is partly due to being stuck in the City of Ass for 2 1/2 years. That'll make the sannest person go a wee bit crazy. Sannest - is that a word? I'm not entirely sure. It must be the pint of Guinness that I just had. It was yucky, terribly bitter. But I started it, so I finished it just on principle of not wasting perfectly good beer. Well, "perfectly good" being a relative term in this circumstance. It absolutely tastes different (and excessively better) in Ireland.

I have some fun clubbing nights ahead - oh how I've missed Montreal clubs! Can't wait to rip it up on the dancefloor with my friends. Whoo!


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