Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Admit It

I am sickly, horribly, irreversibly, and deliciously addicted to Big Brother: All-Stars.

I will justify this fact to the people who look down their upturned noses at reality television by explaining that, as a Psychologist, I find the social and psychological ramifications of placing a bunch of people in an isolated house together where they are monitored at all times while they play a game that favours lying and backstabbing thoroughly interesting.

I also love it because it's just plain fucking awesome!

I plan around this damn show: it's on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. I watch all three shows. I schedule my day to fit it in. I cancel plans with friends. My best-friend and I even call eachother during commercial breaks to talk about what's happening, if we can't meet to watch it together.

I also seem to have a wee woman-crush on one of the stars - Janelle. When I first saw her in the house last season, I thought she was just another blonde bimbo. As the game went on, everyone realized that she played the dumb blonde card because it was expected of her: she's actually one of the best competitors the game has seen. She wins practically every competition, despite being feared and envied by almost all the other players. I bow down to Janelle, we hearts her.

Tonight's episode was freaking intense: one whole week of competitions crammed into one night. I was so frenzied and essentially off my face with excitement that I bit all my nails down to the quick, stuffed my face with popcorn, and jumped around manically during commercial breaks.

I am so going through withdrawal when this thing is over. I just may cry.

Side note: Andre Agassi just won the first set against Baghdatis in the second round of the US Open - his last tournament before he retires. Go Andre!


At 10:01 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seek help! Ya midden!

At 8:14 PM , Blogger Chris Chatham said...

Hi Joanna - nice blog! thanks for stopping by mine and posting a comment regarding PKM zeta. I actually have a rejoinder that I was wondering if you'd look over... I fear that I may be misunderstanding something about the article, but we may also simply have a difference in interpretation. I'm curious what you will think.


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