Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Irish and an Englishman

This weekend was full UK-edness.

First was St-Paddy's Day - well, St-Paddy's Weekend, really. It's hard to describe to people the madness with which St Paddy's is celebrated around here. Even some Irish people (i.e not Americans calling themselves Irish, but an actual person born and living in Ireland) are surprised by the extent of the craziness that happens here. Montreal has one of the larger St Patrick's Day parades in North America. Even the Jewish Genereal Hospital had a float. heh.

It has such a great buzzing energy, there are tons of people, loads of drunkenness, and just general excitement in the air. Not to mention the Worlds Largest Leprechaun.

Friday at the lab we had an Irish Coffee party. One of the girls is Irish, from Kilkenny actually, so she brought all the fixings and invited everyone - Irish whiskey, Bailey's, coffee, and whipped cream. We all brought a mug and got collectively buzzed.

Sunday was the actual day of the parade. In the evening I went to see the James Blunt concert. It was a terrific show, and the venue was fairly small and intimate. Concerts are always better when the venue is smaller.

Blunt is a great performer, he sounds better live than recorded. He's funny and cute and British. Triple threat! It was worth the pain of having to stand for 2 hours in line, and 3 hours for the concert - all the while shoving stupid freakin tall people out of the way. I should have brought a phone book to stand on.

All in all, great weekend. I did absolutely no work, and loved every second!


At 5:44 AM , Blogger John said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I had a good St Paddy's weekend as well. My dad used to work with James Blunt, and so I remember him telling me to get his album before 'it all kicked off'. I then told my friends etc and we all had his album before he was huge. Wierd how things like that happen.
Work can be done this week...

At 4:23 PM , Blogger Joanna said...

wow, that's awesome :)

My Irish friend was actually the one who told me about James Blunt also before he became really famous. I was the one who told my friends too, heh, pretty nifty!

At 8:20 PM , Blogger AndyPandy said...

Decent Days and Nights! You should be wary of those UKers though, they're filled with a post imperial malaise. It can lead to erratic behaviour.

At 2:29 PM , Blogger Joanna said...

haha - erractic and prudish! Shocking combination


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