Friday, February 17, 2006

Soulless Evil

How I love the unpredictableness of Canadian winters.

Wednesday: warm and sunny. Thursday: freezing cold huge snow storm.

Today: freezing rain, regular rain, and gusts of wind up to 90 km/h.

Now let me explain what that combination is like. This morning, everything outside was covered in an inch of ice. Of course the sidewalks don't get salted, so there's no 'walking' involved - only slipping, sliding, and falling (of which I did all 3). Because it started to rain normally after the freezing rain, everything is also soaked - so it's wet slippery ice. My boots got soaked, my feet got soaked, and my gloves got soaked (from grabbing onto things to avoid from falling and also from pushing myself up off the ground after falling).

This is pretty typical for a winter here, but the wind was fucking unbelievable. It's hard to explain what 90 km/h gusts of wind are like - but let me just paint you a quick picture.

Me + ice + wind = sliding down an entire city block by simply the power of the wind and my gripless boots. I didn't even have to move my feet, I seriously got pushed down the ice for an entire block by the wind alone. I was laughing my ass off at the pure insanity of it.

Thankfully I'm at home now, next week is reading week (i.e spring break just not in the spring) so I will be getting some much needed time off.

All the stress and exhaustion and sleep deprivation is starting to have some bad consequences: namely, an uncontrollable rage at even the littlest things that leaves me having pretty graphic fantasies about beating the shit out of random people. Not good.

The week's plan involves some partying this weekend (a 90s nightclub), a whole lot of sleep, fun reading, movie watching, and staying in my PJs all freaking day. I will have to do some work, but it's mindless stats work (GAH in itself, but a necessary soulless evil).

Let's just hope the rage goes away before I get arrested for excessive use of violence.


At 3:38 PM , Blogger John said...

Hey Jo.

I was in Canada about this time last year, and for weeks before I arrived weather had been fine, then you guys got several foot of snow. I had a few days of freezing wind then it was like summer arrived! Very bizarre...

Skating blocks sounds great fun though, aside from the obvious dangers. Try to take some time off to chill, that's what I've done recently. Had a lot of trouble getting motvivated again though...



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