Thursday, March 03, 2005

Compassion, Moderation, Humility

I finished Lamb last night. I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

Not only was it hilarious (I read the majority on the train ride back to Waterloo, and often burst out laughing which incited much rubberneck gawking by other passengers), but it was also quite poignant and touching. Moore took a 30-year gap in Jesus' life as depicted by the Bible, and managed to create a unique and hilarious spin on an old and sometimes redundant story.

Moore has Jesus take a trip out east where he learns Hindu and Buddhist philosophy - not only is the image of Jesus living in a Buddhist monastery learning martial arts terribly comical (how Moore explicates the origins of Judo: Jew-dô), but the philosophical relationship between Buddhist beliefs what Jesus preached are similar in many instances. Moore also corrects some common misunderstandings: no where in the Bible does it mention that Mary Magdalene is in fact a prostitute.

I found myself to be deeply moved and touched by the ending of the book - we follow Jesus from age 8 to his death through the eyes of his best friend. The anguish and the sorrow and the anger of his martyrdom are often not appreciated when we are bashed over the head with this story so many times. Moore captured the sense of betrayal and anguish, while also leaving room for a little hope.

All this is said in acceptance that none of it may be historically accurate. I'm atheist, but that doesn't have to stop me from being touched by a well written story. I think that's partly what I love about reading so much: the fact that books make me feel. Even if it's a feeling of sorrow, it still essentially feels good just to feel.

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At 11:41 PM , Anonymous jesse said...

i hear lamb is a great book. currently i'm reading stupid angel by the same author. so far so good :)

At 1:31 AM , Blogger WilliamEdward said...

books rule, I can't read like I used to anymore however. addicted to webdesign lol

yeh agree that its nice to feel, otherwise we'd be cold n heartless like fish

At 2:01 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey awesome, I will go and get it, you make it sound cool, so what the hell I will spalsh out.

I am also an atheist. We are on the right team I am sure.

- wez


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