Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Wall

I was reading my book today, Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, and this passage really struck me. I think it speaks for itself:

"The next day he passed Alai in the corridor, and they greeted eachother, touched hands, talked, but they both knew that there was a wall now. It might be breached, that wall, sometime in the future, but for now the only real conversations between them was the roots that had already grown low and deep, under the wall, where they could not be broken.

The most terrible thing, though, was the fear that the wall could never be breached, that in his heart Alai was glad of the separation, and was ready to be Ender's enemy. For now that they could not be together, they must be infinitely apart, and what had been sure and unshakable was now fragile and insubstantial; from the moment we are not together, Alai is a stranger, for he has a life how that will be no part of mine, and that means that when I see him we will not know each other

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At 5:21 PM , Blogger Jexebel said...

Wow. Is the rest of the book up to the same par? I may need to read it.

At 5:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohh! Man, everyone should read Enders Game! All books by Orson Scott Card is addicting. @_@ I've read most of his books already and I want more. Enders Game was my favorite though, I gotta read it agains. *tear* good stuff, good stuff.

At 7:17 PM , Blogger Joanna said...

Yes, the rest of the book is up to par. I'm devouring it! I definitely recommend it, especially to those who don't typically like sci-fi :)

At 4:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Card started out semi-ok. The Ender books get pretty tedious quickly, to me anyway, and when the philosophy becomes reqorkings of his beloved Scientology the series turns the stomach quickly.



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