Thursday, February 05, 2004

I fly home with Amy for Spring break next week. I can't believe it's already spring break time in my third year of University. I am getting so frickin' old, it's depressing. It makes me want to act more like a kid, i.e. stealing a Slippery When Wet sign from Tim Horton's to go sledding on. That was fun, even though I practically sled into a pole which was a slight bit scary.

I'm absolutely loving Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk, I suggest you all run out and read it immediately. I found Lullaby a tad too disturbing, though that's one aspect I do particularly enjoy about Palahniuk. There was just too much necrophilia in Lullaby for my personal taste. But to each their own. Survivor makes me laugh out loud, which is especially funny when I'm in the ultra-quiet solarium and everyone turns to stare at me for breaking their precious silence.

Women's Studies was very fun this week, we talked a lot about Buffy and Buffy-centered Fan Fiction. In our tutorial, I was the only real regular fan of the show so I was the one bring up the most points, which is not usually the way I operate in classroom situations. In our lecture, there's about 80 girls and only 5 guys, and the guys hardly ever participate in class discussions. This week, there was one guy who was really getting into it, and I quite enjoyed listening to him. Sometimes I forget that there's guys in the class, and it's nice to hear their perspective about Girls, Women, and Popular Culture.

If there's any guys out there who'd like to venture me an opinion or some thoughts, I'd die of a very pleasant shock. So shock me: and drop me a line.


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