Friday, November 07, 2003

Just got back from The Matrix Revolutions. I enjoyed it, however I didn't feel that there was enough closure at the end - some, but not as much as I was expecting. Terrific movie, nevertheless.

The continuous onslaught that is school continues. Since the first week of October it's been non-stop work. Every week I have something important due, it's insane. It never ends. A bitch of a TA in one of my classes decided it would be fun to rip apart one of my papers; to know that the 74 that I got was the 4th highest mark is more than slightly depressing. She wrote a novel on the damn thing, in fluorescent pink ink. I can't even describe the horror.

It's freezing out tonight, it has been snowing lightly on-and-off. Fuck winter. I'm going to hop in bed with my book (the new Stephen King - see the Dark Tower website) and get nice and cozy. It weighs a thousand pounds, so it's bound to keep me warm. It makes me cry and laugh every time I read it, so it's more than worth it. I look forward to reading it, and I love that feeling.

The ecstasy of pure recognition.


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