Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Lush Life

For those of you who don't already know, I am completely and utterly obsessed with a fresh handmade cosmetics store called Lush. So much so that I am starting to be recognized and considered a regular by store employees, and have had a few friends and family members express concerns over how much I talk about the store.

Lush's manifesto is as follows:
"We believe in making effective products out of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics, without animal ingredients.
We also believe words like 'fresh' and 'organic' have honest meaning beyond marketing.
We believe in long candlelight baths, massage, filling the house with perfume and in the right to make mistakes, lose everything and start again."

I've used pretty much one of every type of product they have. Right now I am using the following:
  • Sonic Death Monkey: This shower gel makes your hair and body feel soft; it's scented with chocolate orange and tones you up with fresh lime, Caribbean coffee and herbal tea.
  • Banana Moon Soap: Our banana soap has lots of fresh bananas in it; we mash them up, mix them with yoghurt, soap flakes and essential oils and make a truly bananafied, moisturizing soap that smells of bananas because it's full of them.
  • Sympathy for the Skin: Sympathy for the Skin is a body lotion with loads of moisturizing almond oil, cocoa butter and fresh, organic bananas and an infusion of vanilla pods.
  • Honey Trap Lip Balm: Honey Trap is a gorgeously tasty, white chocolate balm, sent to tease your lips into a soft, sensual state, capable of seducing anyone they touch. Our Honey Trap hides secrets like nutritious wheatgerm oil and soothing oatmilk infusion behind its honey and wild orange flavour.
  • Big Shampoo: This shampoo takes ten (or maybe twenty) years off your hair. Sea salt, seaweed, lemon and limes juices and coconut oil. But they have to be in the right order. The effect is not temporary; you hair just gets better and better.
  • King of Skin: This unassuming bar is made to a patented Lush recipe with emollient, fresh bananas, oatmeal, avocados, moisturising cocoa butter, shea butter, almond oil and coconut butter. The fragrance is gorgeous, composed as it is of a bunch of skin softening essential oils including sandalwood, rose and frankincense.
  • Aquamarina: Aquamarina is pink and squidgy face wash, wrapped in seaweed, rolled up like a big pink sausage. Your skin feels smooth and smells sweet and looks lovely, as it's made with a lot of calamine and Aloe Vera it's good for soothing irritated faces; use it if you've caught the sun.
  • Breath of Fresh Air: This skin toner has rejuvenating rosemary, nutritious seaweed absolute and skin softening rose to make it the essential skin revitaliser for anyone trapped inside an air conditioned environment.
  • Ultralight Moisturizer: A light textured moisturising day cream made with two types of fresh Pacific seaweed and loaded with vitamins, minerals and St John's Wort to produce extremely softening, moisturising properties. Ultralight offers softening protection when the skin is exposed to sunshine or cold weather.
  • Smitten Hand Cream: A light, daytime hand cream scented with the same deliciously mouth-watering fragrance as Snowcake soap. Made with natural oils and butters for a longer term benefit for your mits.
See, I told you I'm obsessed.

I absolutely love this stuff, the products work so amazingly well that you'll soon become as addicted am I am. So go out and Lushfy your life, or Lushfy the lives of someone you love.

Better yet, buy me some Lush stuff - and I swear I will love you forever and ever and ever :)


At 3:29 PM , Anonymous Mike said...

1 - Freak.

2 - Your link is broken.

3 - There's a Lush store in Toronto Airport's departures area...behind the metal-detectors. You know, in case you _REALLY_ need some.

At 4:25 PM , Blogger John said...

lol, the link was working for me. Though posting the manifesto is a little strange!

This is the shop, which smells fantastic when I walk past it. However after 5 minutes inside my nose (or my brain) becomes overwhelmed/immune to the smell, and for the rest of the day I can smell nothing.

I must admit I never noticed the names before, Sonic Death Monkey??

Another thing about this shop, the soap smells so nice, it also looks divine, and makes me hungry. I've often found myself wanting to take a bite out of the cherry soap because it looks and smells so much like cherries!

At 7:36 AM , Blogger Joanna said...

1 - yeah? Well... YOU DON'T EAT CHEESE!

2 - fixed

3 - Score!

4 - Mom told me about "the ring" - EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEee!! I'm excited!!!!

John: definitely - I'm often tempted to eat their products, and while I'm not willing to risk it, I'm sure it wouldn't even be bad for you!


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