Friday, December 03, 2004

Stupidity and Death

I hate stupid disrespectful people.

On Thursday I was sitting in psych class, trying to pay attention to the last lecture. These three annoying bitches behind me were talking and laughing loudly through the entire lecture. It's so goddamn rude and disrespectful to the entire class, let alone to the professor. He is a really genuinely nice guy, who tries to make rather dull information as interesting as possible. He goes out of his way to help students with the material, and that's how he is repaid: annoying bitches talking over him the entire time he's trying to teach. He's too nice of a man to yell at them, but I felt like turning around and popping those bitches in the jaw. If you want to talk, get up and fucking LEAVE. Better yet, don't even bother coming to class. Even better yet, throw yourself off a cliff and do society a favour.

On a less angry and a more sad kind of note, we had to put one of the rats to sleep this week. I am very sad. We had noticed a bald spot on his neck a few weeks ago, and it spread to his shoulders - it was an infection. Apparently he was in pain, so they put him to sleep to avoid further discomfort for the little guy. I miss him. I'm also worried about Laurier's shitty facilities fucking up my thesis.

I need another glass of this merlot.

Listening to: Fast Car - Tracy Chapman


At 12:27 PM , Blogger JD said...

It sounds as though you are in the same class as I am. I have a strong hatred for students who waste my time in a class where I am trying to learn. In fact if all they want to do is talk and distract the rest of us, then they might as well get the fuck out.


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