Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I have my one and only final tomorrow. Stats. Funny how I could care less about it. meh.

Amy just found out that she got a job today working at the university for the summer - just like me :) Yay, I'm happy that I'm going to have someone around to hang out with in the summer so I won't be so damn lonely. Plus, I won't have to be alone with the two subletters, in case shit begins to hit the fan as it usually does when 4 girls live together in close quarters.

I currently have 12.96$ in the bank right now, and am not ashamed to admit it. I am broke. Thankfully I'm getting my income tax back soon, I'd be screwed without it. I'm therefore trying to figure out what to ask my parents for for my 21st birthday in June. The options are currently:

1.) One-week trip to Ireland to visit MC while she's working and living there this summer.
2.) A big screen TV
3.) Straight up cash, yo
4.) A variety of smaller things

What do you think?

Listening to: Walk On the Ocean - John Mayer and some other dude. Lyrics are awesome, here's a snippet:

now we're back at the homestead
where the air makes you choke
and people don't know you
and trust is a joke
we don't even have pictures
just memories to hold
that grow sweeter each season
as we slowly grow old

walk on the ocean
step on the stones
flesh becomes water
wood becomes bone


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