Friday, November 24, 2006

Grad Student Chuztpah

As time goes on, I seem to be falling more and more into the dreadful stereotypes of a typical grad student.
  • Ramen noodles are making more frequent appearances in my pathetically packed lunches
  • I seem to have a fierce disdain for most undergrads (with a few exceptions - those that work in my lab are cool)
  • My relationship with my supervisor mainly consists of me feeling inadequate and confused
  • My future research goals are piling up without making much progress on the projects I'm working on now
  • I'm getting seriously impatient about how slowly it takes to get results
  • I can't function without a few cups of coffee a day
  • The number of talks I have to give and conferences I have to go to keeps going up
  • The resulting anxiety about these talks and conferences doesn't seem to dissipate
  • Guilt has become an inherent feature of relaxation

In other words, PhD Comics is basically starting to look too much like my life. heh.


At least I do seem to go out and get drunk more often than the PhD comics characters, but I'm not sure that that's necessarily the marker of normalcy that I should cling to. Ahh well, off to the bar tonight!


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