Sunday, November 19, 2006

Horoscope Me

I've recently started reading my daily horoscope.

I don't know why, or really how it started, but lately I seem to be doing it rather compulsively. I attribute it in part to being bored in the lab and trying to find something half decently interesting to surf for on the net during my coffee breaks.

The most recent horoscope had this to say:
On the weekend of the 17th, put your emotions, schedules and plans on hold and count on disruptions, frustrating discussions and annoying relatives who are determined to test the limits of your patience."

It creeps me out when they're so crazy accurate.

  • Non-sequitur: got to love this post by BitchPhD. Oh how it amuses!


At 9:13 AM , Anonymous Mike said...


maybe you're finally trying to utilize those dormant section of the brain and become prescient...quick, gimmie 6 numbers between 1 and 49...


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