Thursday, March 11, 2004

Top 10 Pet Peeve List

1. Horrible grammar in general, this mainly includes using "“your"” instead of "you're"”, or vice-versa.
2. The stereotype that equates feminism with man bashing, and that all feminists are man-hating, unshaven, militant lesbians.
3. People who don't signal when turning and people who drive really fucking slow in the passing lane; it defeats the purpose of being in the fast lane!!!$&*@#??
4. Unfounded assumptions about my own character and personality based on little or no fact and those who generally judge others in the same manner.
5. The contradictory elements of many organized religions, mainly Catholicism, and those who preach these dogmas for anti-gay, anti-abortion reasons, and for many other reasons in general. This also includes those individuals who try to force religion upon others.
6. The great importance and absolute necessity placed on sex these days. This also entails those who sleep around because they think it'’s "cool"”, and the shame and disgrace placed on those who do not hold this belief
7. Labeling of females who are direct, honest, blunt, witty, and intelligent as bitches as if it's a bad thing.
8. The obsession some guys have with cars and thinking their hot shit. This includes retards who fix up an 87 Chevy with some ugly-ass spoiler duct taped to the back of their car, and those who drive around in their mom's mini-van with one hand on the automatic stick shift while blasting Eminem.
9. Those who whine ceaselessly and over-dramatize every fucking little thing, thus overstating their general importance.
10. People who fear greatness, intelligence, and those who attempt to destroy virtues in others what they could never hope to achieve in themselves. Basically, jealously and malicious retribution.

A pet peeve that is quickly climbing the list to the ever-so-elusive Top 10:

People who don't know how to have a basic conversation. This includes people who only talk about theirselves, especially when they don't know much about the current topic. Let me clarify using an example:

I was talking to someone once, who will remain nameless, and the topic came up concerning what I was currently doing at school. I started to explain the research I was doing, which was kinda technical to someone who isn't in the field. When I had finished, he responded with "Yeah that reminds me of something once when I was at school that...". He didn't comment WHATSOEVER on ANYTHING I had said. Not a thing. Not one simple question, nothing. Just straight back to talking about himself. I was a little peeved at this point, because I was excited about what I was doing and wanted to talk about it. He knew I was excited about it, I had been bringing it up quite a lot. I understand not knowing much, or anything, about the topic. But I DON'T understand not even asking a single thing, completely ignoring everything I had said in favour of talking about himself.

This wasn't a one time deal. It was EACH AND EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION that we had. It's incredibly frustrating to have that happen all the fucking time. I didn't even need to be there, all he needed was a wall that could put "yeah", "right", "uh huh" in the right places. This drives me up the goddamn wall. Even writing this is getting my blood pumping.

In conclusion: if you want to talk incessantly about yourself, pay a goddamn therapist and stop WASTING MY FUCKING TIME!!!!!


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