Sunday, February 15, 2004

Last night was loads of fun. It happened to be salsa night at 737, so I was slightly disappointed when we decided not to stay and venture out to another club. I love 737, it's classy and has a wonderful view of the city. Envy turned out alright, though we got a little bored not too far into the night. It was Jen's 21st birthday, so we had a few shots at midnight to commemorate the occasion.

After we got back from the club, freezing in my skirt and bare legs in -10 weather trying not to collapse on my 3 inch heels, Jen, Katina, and I were starving. We drove frantically round Nun's Island at 2:30 am trying to find somewhere to get food. We ended up at some sketchy gas station and Tim Hortons with a guy who couldn't make a sandwich to save his life. Jen makes these very amusing moaning noises in her sleep, though their rhythmic pace did eventually lull me to sleep.

Chez Cora, as tradition following a night of partying, was absolutely amazing. It was so busy that we got shafted with these couches and a pathetic oval coffee table that could barely contain all our plates. Elisa had to put her plate on her knees and try very hard not to pull an Amy and slobber all over herself. Following Chez Cora's, Elisa's car decided it didn't like the cold weather and chose to protest by refusing to start.

All in all, it was an eventful night/morning/afternoon. I had a blast. I miss my home friends, it's nice to see them and have a good time all together. I hope the rest of the week is as much fun.


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