Tuesday, November 04, 2003

The John Mayer concert was beyond words. He is by far, by leaps and bounds, my favorite musician - and with reason. The connection I have with his music is difficult to put into words, and I'm aware a lot of it is stereotypical. As a friend of mine put it, it's guitar-based storytelling sentimental music. I deeply relate to what he has to say, and his lyrics touch me. Plus, John himself is incredibly funny - I love the way he chats to the audience between songs.

At one point there was this wise-ass who decided it was funny to flash a lazer pointer around at John and the band. John responded with "oh cool, it's Crazy Lazer Pointer Guy! Wait... is my watch broken? I wasn't aware we were still in 1998". He makes me laugh, he's witty, and incredibly handsome - that's also slightly part of his appeal. But only slightly :P

I took about 15 pictures and bought a T-shirt with John Mayer written across the chest. He pretty much played all of my favorite songs, with the exception of a few. We had great seats, and even the opening act was good. Overall, FANTASTIC night. I am a little sad that it's over, but there will definitely be more John Mayer concerts in the future.

As for now, I'm off to shoot rats up with morphine for my Research in Biopsych class.

After that, I'll be starting in on the new Stephen King book: Wolves of the Calla: The Dark Tower V. I can't wait.


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